What are things that you constantly struggle with?

What issues do you seem to be constantly challenged by?

May be it is about time we change our vision and realize that these are “warning” messages from the Universe. The entire struggle in your life is to help you notice the obstacles preventing your divine flow and resolve them! On a regular day once the “warning” message comes our way we tend to disregard it and go back to our daily routine.

The more we disregard “warning” messages the louder the Universe begins to warn us. This in return means more complicated situations increasing the level of struggle. It is important to notice the messages, sort and resolve them.

Some incidents in our lives are based on blockages due to karmic patterns or DNA coding (genetic coding). The physical and spiritual events / incidents that keep re-occurring contain messages related to certain patterns/cycles/emotions. Until you see the core of the messages you will continue to experience similar events / situations / people.

Angels’ Healing Therapy (AHT) will help you to sort and resolve all obstacles, clean blockages and enable divine love to flow and spread into your life. The more you increase your light and open your life and yourself to love, you will no longer experience the events / situations / challenges that trouble you, but you will lead a divine path and love.